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Foodie FataleAs Caskey Eats is getting it’s legs wet in the blogging world and working hard to bring you more amazing eats, I want to keep you all reading some amazing blogs. A few days ago, I brought you Pies Etc. and The ABCs of NYC. Today I have another amazing blogger friend of mine that I would like to introduce you to…Foodie Fatale.

Jocelyn Ruggiero is a food goddess that I met several years back working for an industrial production event and she has a passion for food that really shows in her writing. She lives up in Connecticut and one of the best side effects is her focus on New England seafood and all that goes with it. Her photographs are food porn to the 10th degree and I am constantly jealous of the way she eats every time I see one of her posts.

Jocelyn is also becoming a bit of a media mogul up there in CT, making frequent appearances on TV with some of her amazing recipes as well as providing content for several magazines and websites as well as public radio segments. Go check her out today!


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