Hi. My name is Caskey and I love great food!

I have lived in New York City for over seven years, having moved here from Wisconsin to pursue my career in the performing arts. I think NYC is one of the greatest cities in the world and a big part of that is the amazing access to any kind of food imaginable.

CaskeyCandiedStrawberriesOver the years, I have been able to experience some amazing places. Some are fancy, some are cheap and yummy and some are just interesting. I thought I would start to share my favorites with you. Now, this site isn’t just a straight up review site of everyplace I’ve been. Rather, it is a curated collection of places that I think are great and want to share with you. You can be assured that if you are a foodie, my recommendations will not let you down.

As a stage manager for many national tours of Broadway musicals, I have had the chance to tour all over the country. I love touring and hope to do it again very soon. As I do, I’ll seek out wonderful dining opportunities all across the USA and bring you my favorites.

I love sharing my finds with you and hope you enjoy them. Please be sure to subscribe to our email list and like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get all the latest picks. And I love your feedback, so please use the posts to comment and leave your feedback of contact me directly.


Bon Appétit!