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CaskeyEats.com has been online less than 24 hours and the response has been overwhelming. I would like to thank everyone for checking it out and look forward to bringing you the best of this city and beyond in the future. In the meantime, you should check out some other blogs that a couple of my friends write

Pies Etc. – Mary Spadoni

Mary is a dear friend of mine from way back in the day in Wisconsin. Like me, she’s a stage manager, but she also writes a very entertaining blog about food and life in NYC with a focus on one of the most amazing foods of all time…PIES! She also happens to take really beautiful of the recipes she makes. Martha Stewarts people should be in touch with her very soon.

Read “Pies Etc.”

The ABCs of NYC – Gabi Krasowski

Gabi is an amazing Australian living in NYC and she is an avid writer and explorer of the city. She blogs about all sorts of fun stuff in this amazing city. From cultural to food to entertainment and street fairs, Gabi documents the variety of experiences NYC has to provide.

Read “The ABCs of NYC”

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