Having a great kitchen that sets you up for success requires a few things. You’ve got to have the right tools, but you also have to have your culinary oasis physically laid out properly. My kitchen is great, but it’s shape means that there are a few areas that could be wasted space without a little bit of creative thinking. I’ve got one weird area that was made 1000% more functional by creating a mobile baking cart. Not only did I creatively use the space, but I was able to free up some cabinet space for other things. It also made cooking easier by having all the tools I need handy to my prep area.

My choice for this project is the Råskog cart from Ikea. These carts come in a number of colors, are affordable, sturdy and versatile. In fact, I bought more of them and are currently using them as end tables in my living room.

Here’s a look at my cart and what I have in it.


Top Shelf

The top shelf houses my main ingredients. I use this line of OXO airtight containers for my baking goods and can fit an amazing amount of products in the shelf. The main focus here is on baking, but I keep a few other common items in here since it’s right in the center of my kitchen and so easily accessable on the top shelf.

Middle Shelf

This shelf holds some of my more infrequently used ingredients. Bottles of specialty liquids and seasonings that don’t have a better home in my cupboard and seasonings are kept here. Soy sauce, rose water, that kind of stuff. I also keep some tea and my pasta attachments for the KitchenAid Mixer.

Bottom Shelf

Tools, tools, and more tools. Measuring cups, spoons and more. Also some lesser used ingredients like semolina flour for pasta as well as bulk Splenda.

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